The Great Internet Robberies!

If I say that the current scenario of cyber attacks, hackers and the increasing threat to information security is very clear and dangerous, I am not wrong I guess.

These days nothing is hidden. Hackers inform well in advance about their hack attack schedules. Currently, I am waiting to know what will happen to Facebook… waiting for November 5, 2011, the day when Anonymous have claimed to target the famous social networking site- Facebook shut down!

When criminals inform about their action in advance, I feel this means that they seem to more intelligent, confident and with advanced form of knowledge than anyone else around.

Look at the havoc these cyber criminals have been successful in creating. Network infrastructure of many companies like Google, Sony, several government institutions have been compromised resulting in the loss of sensitive intellectual property. These days it seems as if every day major companies are being attacked. Rather every major company, every major institution have been penetrated. It’s difficult to pinpoint a particular person or group behind these attacks as there are so many different potential suspects to worry about – ranging from nebulous groups of hackers, to organized crime, to competing corporations, to nation-states and military agencies – and frequently even the motives for the security breaches are unclear. This leaves victims and also the investigators wondering who was behind an act and the reason behind the attacks. One thing is very much certain that cyber attacks and the vulnerabilities faced by companies as well as society (referring to social networking sites) are intensifying day-by-day and reaching pandemic levels. With this, the appropriate protection to prevent such thefts seems to be challenging.

I agree that security is always a cat-&-mouse game between hackers and security software providers. And with time, both – companies as well as hackers have grown sophisticated. Most of the security softwares are now capable of preventing basic threats, though the malware and viruses are now too sophisticated. At times, even the IT experts fall prey to cyber attacks. Interactive media is very dangerous and now as social networking is becoming the part of marketing strategy of almost each and every company, they are more likely to be victim. Millions of Botnet-infected computers are running in homes as well as businesses across the globe. Data from more than 12 million PCs including Fortune 1000 companies and 40 major banks is being compromised. The hackers not only just steal specific data or intellectual property, but take advantage of anything and everything they can access. Either hacker increasingly knows exactly what they want, while their targets often struggle to understand the threat or where it is coming from. Or attackers continue to rapidly develop new ways to access what they want, and as a result, the threats can come from anywhere. Or else, observers believe that almost everyone and every company ultimately is at risk, a result of today’s highly networked global economy and communications infrastructure.

At one end these hackers are rapidly building malware and on the other end the security experts are trying to stop attacks using the same sophisticated programming tools available. There seems to be a constant change in the boundaries between professional and private activities the network. Also, there seem to be too many different ways by which users can access information. This is resulting in increasing potential points of weakness, thus contributing to the growing vulnerability of even the most resource-rich companies.

The more hyped concept of cloud computing brings more security. More and more companies these days outsource their IT infrastructure to Internet-based utility computing models. Thus, monitoring and controlling access to information no doubt become more challenging. Risks are becoming more interdependent as we are more and more dependent on IT systems. The supply chain and telecommunication systems in business are more interconnected today than ever and everything, everywhere; all the time can not be protected.

The only way out to be on the safer side is to protect the IT infrastructure and the actual information or data that is supported by that infrastructure, whether the information is in motion, in use or in storage. Also, make sure that access of the information and services are restricted as per the specific requirement.

Risk of anything happening anytime is the current security scenario. However, we can’t just sit thinking it’s difficult and impossible to handle. As it is truly said that thinking your enemy is more powerful than you, it should not restrict you from being more prepared and strong. They only way out is keep fighting!


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hotshot bald cop
    Sep 02, 2011 @ 12:41:29

    My ideas precisely!


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  4. Krishna
    Sep 10, 2011 @ 10:36:02

    interesting write up!


  5. rakhikankane
    Nov 05, 2011 @ 06:15:12

    Today is November 5… Will Anonymous target Facebook today?


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