AntiSec movement ENDED or begins NOW…!

Finally, after its 50 days of wreaking cyber-caper havoc, the Lulz boat announced to sail into the horizon. Many must be feeling relaxed to an extend… LulzSec or Lulz Security, which suddenly emerged as cyber marauders busted onto the scene, forcefully and seemingly out of thin air … no one knows from where…. Initially, the group targeted Sony, the electronics pioneer multiple times. Later various top corporations and governments were targeted. LulzSec not only took down the CIA’s website, hacked Sony’s servers, released sensitive documents from the Arizona state government and attacked the U.S. Senate’s website but even announced of joining forces with another hacker group, Anonymous, to wage war on the world’s major institutions. Later, when one of the group’s six members was interviewed, there were no indications that LulzSec was ending its work. Though as soon as a suspected member of LulzSec was recently arrested, the group claimed that they had a mission of 50 days and declared that they are dispersing. Also they denied the arrested suspect as their leader. And to its guts, during its so-called final parting, the group released one last data dump with data allegedly taken from AT&T, AOL, Disney, Universal, EMI and the FBI. So that was their farewell gift!

It is surprising that LulzSec, who were pain in nerves during their operation termed its mission as the ‘ANTISEC MOVEMENT’ & claimed that whatever it did was with an intention to push the increase in security measures related to websites & computing and to revive the AntiSec movement that was opposed by the computer security industry. The group not only encouraged others to take up its cause hoping that the movement manifests itself into a revolution that can continue on without them but thought that by making attacks public, it will push websites to increase security. Why were they so much concern about the security of the websites of others???

On the other hand, LulzSec also says that it did so because it’s fun and to selflessly entertain others — vanity, fame, recognition, everything is shadowed by their desire for that what they love… i.e. the raw, uninterrupted, chaotic thrill of entertainment and anarchy. Oops…! So for them releasing people’s information was worth doing because it’s fun and entertaining, while claiming that they did not intend of playing with law (which they did) or cyber terrorism neither they had any political motive. It was just for ‘lulz’ (lolz) i.e. fun.

You see there are lot of contradictions in what they did and what they said too!

With all this, it makes little difficult to characterize the group as just the prankster or serious activists who aimed to challenge authority, governments and corporations on their security measures. Well the characterization undoubtedly will vary from person to person.

Jubilant hackers, LulzSec who were responsible for a string of high-profile embarrassing Internet attacks stole heaps of personal data in a dozen different hack attacks, while embarrassing law enforcement and boasting the stunts online. No wonder they must have inspired so many of them who are looking forward hacking as their profession.

To an extend, with LulzSec sailing off unexpectedly, the law enforcement investigations may feel relaxed. Though the LulzSec has ended its operation, we should not think that it’s the end of hacker attacks. Remember, ‘Anonymous’ is still around and there are possibilities of many groups forming in the wake of LulzSec’s end. However, at this stage the fact is that it is still unclear whether LulzSec, Anonymous or another party entirely was responsible for the massive Network hack.

LulzSec had earned more than 277,000 followers and a captivated audience during its 50 days mission… the ratio is more than what our celebs earn in such short duration, until there is some one like Hritik Roshan who becomes star overnight with its first film. 🙂 The group even thanked supporters for sailing with it during their farewell, Wow what a gesture!

With this I doubt its end. Then why did LulzSec disband? No… not because of law enforcement but they felt that the press was getting bored of them and in turn they were too getting bored of themselves (That’s what they say). LulzSec is not tied to this identity permanently. The group has its own hackers and hubris. So the chances of this group coming back are quite expected.

I feel that the ones who were victimized of these disrupting and exposing hack-attacks whether corporations, governments, often the general population itself of these was for the simple reason that… because LulzSec could do it. LulzSec were not so much interested in targeting specific companies as they were with proving the meager heft of Internet security. Yes, it literally means that the security measures were not up to the mark and website owners were responsible for everything that happened.

Some security analysts say that LulzSec appears to be some sort of spin-off of ‘Anonymous’, the loose coalition of hackers that grew to prominence through their support of the whistleblower site WikiLeaks. However, as far as the fact is, Anonymous has its own set of moral codes and is largely politically motivated while LulzSec seems to be random and their attacks were due to anger over WikiLeaks documentary.

On the other hand, Ryan Cleary, who was arrested for having hackings linked to both LulzSec and Anonymous, has been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, along with agoraphobia. He was earlier reported to be group’s leader. I wonder if how much truth it has!

Rival hackers have also joined in the hunt, releasing information they say could point to the identities of the six-member group so I doubt if this disbandment will stop authorities from searching for its masterminds.

All said and done… though at this stage I feel the only way to make sure we don’t get victimized by such hack-attacks is to have proper internet security… No compromises here or else be ready to compromise with your information…! Coz we really don’t know whether the Anti Security movement by LulzSec ended or they inspired us to begin!


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  1. griffithinsider
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 09:05:59

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  2. Rohit
    Jun 30, 2011 @ 10:23:48

    Since May, LulzSec has embarked on a stunning spree of public hacks. They hacked PBS in revenge for an unflattering Wikileaks documentary, attacked an FBI-affiliated non-profit, took down the websites of the CIA and British law enforcement, boasting of their exploits on their popular Twitter feed. They stole and leaked information from corporations like Sony in an effort, they say, to expose poor online security.

    I suspect Ryan Cleary is very much representative of Lulzsec members – very young, very clever but socially isolated, disenfranchised from a society they don’t feel part of, no girlfriends (or boyfriends), possible mental health issues, live at home with mum etc. I won’t deny that hacking attacks serve to show up the poor security measures that many public and private organisations have in place – I had a Sony PSN account and was somewhat concerned about how easy that appeared to be hacked and accessed.


  3. e zigarette
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 10:16:25

    Bookmarked! 🙂


  4. e liquid
    Jul 15, 2011 @ 22:17:40

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  5. rakhikankane
    Jul 19, 2011 @ 06:00:41

    Last month when LulzSec declared their journey back to horizon… we felt quite relaxed… though the bad news is that they are back today and have defaced the Murdoch Paper With Mogul’s Fake Death Notice! The web defacement took the form of a mock article from Murdock’s The Sun, with the headline “Media moguls body discovered”. The text goes on to claim falsely that Murdoch “ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden late last night.”

    Seems a strong security movement needed!


  6. mediatriage
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 10:14:48

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