Bin laden survived with Malware for terror!

Laden Laden Laden… ufffffff..!        A complete terrorist….

Just after the announcement of the death of the most wanted terrorist, Bin Laden (biggest rather most symbolic news of the year), FBI warned the computer users to be cautious if they receive any mails which contains the photos or videos of Laden’s death. A press release was rotated immediately by FBI which claimed that such mails could contain a malicious Malware which can penetrate into user’s system and spread the users contact list, by affecting the system of users as well as his friend sand family members too!

Seems there is this strange relationship between US and Laden! No doubt, he has been responsible for the sufferings and terror filled hearts of America. Now, with most wanted criminal’s death (which is just a news or …), the other i.e. Cyber criminals has began their part of crime by trying to capture confidential records from computers. You see he leaves a legacy behind him….!

Laden’s death, known to be one of the fastest exploitations of information ever, tricksters started manipulating the news, just after US President Barack Obama’s conference on Laden’s death, and initiated it by inserting Spyware and other Malware into links and graphics designed to draw immediate and widespread attention.

Osama Bin Laden may be dead, but the terror being inflicted in the name of his death by cyber criminals seems to be a threat, truly! Hence, advised by FBI (officially) to adhere caution to prevent becoming a victim of this so called terror while on cyberspace.

More over, a slight impact at the stock market too has been realized with Laden Effect, though the reason may be, investors celebrating Laden’s death!


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  1. rohit
    May 25, 2011 @ 14:59:07

    ha ha ha
    good one Rakhi


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